1940's Photo Shoot

Post date: Jul 31, 2012 8:56:15 PM

Natural beauties (natural with "a little support") were the ideal of the forties.

Face powder was used to match the skin or to gave a nice rosy glow. To get this effect a slightly darker warmish foundation was used and then powdered over with a powder that was lighter than normal skin.

To get a natural rosy look popular rouge colors were red with pinkish undertones, bright pinks with fuchsia undertones and bright roses.

For the eye dark brown or black mascara and a small eyeliner was used. Eyeshadows mostly varied in muted grays and browns.

Eyebrows were kept fairly natural in thickness, but were manicured into clean, well defined arches and accented by use of a dark brown pencil .

For lips all shades of red including clear bright reds, cherry reds, pinkish reds, and orange reds were popular. Two different color plans for lipstick use existed. On the on hand the "monotone", where lipstick was used to support a glorified natural look (includes light red, reddish orange, and raspberry tones) and on the other hand the "contrast", where lips brought a definite accent (includes cherry red, crimson and vermillion shades). In any case lips should look full and soft. To effect this top lip was slightly exaggerated.

1940's make-up photo shoot old train station