Bridal Beauty Rules Every Bride Should Know

Post date: Oct 6, 2014 4:29:47 PM

When it comes to the big day I have no doubt that you’ll be wondering about the beauty side of things. Weddings are not just about the fashion and style, beauty and makeup play an important role in helping you to feel amazing, beautiful and prepared for the most special day of your life. So, here are a few beauty ‘rules’ to keep in mind whilst you’re planning the makeup for your big day:

Play it safe

We all love to play around with make-up, try new shades and experiment with looks but when it comes to your wedding day your best bet is to opt for the look that you love. You may want to rock smoky eyes or bold red lipstick as they look so beautiful in magazines. There is nothing wrong with that, just make sure you try it all on your trial day, at least 6 weeks before your wedding day, so you still have a time to make final decision.


It’s all very well having the perfect makeup look put together, but you’ll need to make sure it applies well and looks as good as possible. Preparing your skin is an important way to create the perfect base, so in the run up to the big day – play it safe with products you know work for your skin and won’t cause any problems. It’s a good time to pamper yourself, a lovely face mask and a deep moisturiser will work wonders for giving you glowing and radiant skin for your big day.

A little wedding clutch

If there’s one beauty product that makes it into your make-up bag for the big day, it should be a lipstick. Through the day the lipstick which was put on you in the morning will wear off unfortunately. So having the same lipstick in your makeup bag certainly allow you lips look gorgeous any time of your special day. Don’t forget blotting papers too, this will help your face makeup stay put and also ensure that there will be any no shine on photos.

Be yourself

Most importantly, choose makeup and make-up artist that allows you to feel your best. If you love a bold red lip, then rock it walking down the aisle. If you love the natural makeup look then choose minimal look. Don’t let anyone to push you to wear something you not sure about. The best beauty rule to follow is to go for what makes you feel not only special, but comfortable too – this will allow you to truly enjoy your big day and love looking back on the photographs. After all, the most beautiful things a woman can wear are confidence and a smile.

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