Choosing a Wedding Make-Up Artist

Post date: Oct 8, 2012 9:27:36 PM

One of the many decisions any prospective bride faces when organising her wedding is whether to book a make-up artist for the big day.

Do they specialise in wedding make-up?

If you do decide to book a professional make-up artist, it is important to make sure that the make-up artist you are considering specialises in wedding make-up, and is passionate about it.

Check to make sure that the make-up artists you are considering have examples of their wedding work on their websites, and testimonials from bridal clients. If these are noticeable either by their absence or lack of prominence, think carefully before taking your enquiry any further.

Arrange a meeting

Before choosing a make-up artist, or even having a trial, try and arrange a meeting with the artist you have short-listed in order to sit down and talk through the look that you want to achieve on the day, and see examples of their work. As well as seeing the quality of their images, these sessions can be invaluable for making sure that the make-up artist is somebody that you feel relaxed with. This is someone who will be with you for at least a few hours on one of the most important days of your life, so even if their work is fantastic, if you aren't comfortable talking to them, they aren't the right person for you.

Book a make-up trial

Once you have a favoured artist in mind, it is time for a trial with them (although it can be tempting to look to save costs by skipping a trial, I would urge you not to do this as it can be an unwelcome source of stress on the day). Ahead of the trial, take time to think about the look you want to create for your wedding day. Take a few images from magazines of looks that you love (or loathe!), your favourite products from your make-up bag etc. Before the make-up application starts, take time to talk through exactly what you’re looking for.

Will your look last all day?

One of the keys of good wedding make-up is its longevity, so try and arrange the trial for the morning so you can see how the look lasts throughout the day (good bridal make-up will last all day at least - I've even had bridal clients tell me they still loved the look the following morning!)A morning trial will also let you see how the make-up looks under different lighting conditions. If the make-up starts to deteriorate after a few hours, or doesn't translate well from natural to artificial light, it’s a good time to think carefully as to whether you’ve found the right make-up artist and the right look for you.