John Lewis Wedding Insurance Review

Post date: Jan 13, 2015 9:55:17 PM

Wedding insurance review

When it comes to weddings, there seems to be an endless ‘to-do’ list that keeps on growing right up until the big day itself. With everything from booking the venue, organising transport, finding the perfect dress, hiring a suit, booking the caterer and finding the baker – it can leave bride and grooms to be in a state of panic trying to make their day perfect.

So what happens when something doesn’t go to plan? Of course, we like to focus on the positives and dream about the perfect wedding day, but unfortunately it pays to prepare for a worst case scenario. Having wedding insurance means that you could be protected financially from many worst case wedding scenarios such as venue cancellation or even illness.

There are varying types of wedding insurance ranging from basic to extensive cover that can cater to your own needs and requirements. Wedding insurance can be taken out at any time, but professionals suggest taking the cover out as soon as part/any of your wedding is paid for; be it the caterer, the venue or the dress. Having wedding insurance cover in place at the start of your wedding journey makes it easier to plan and act if anything should prevent your day from going ahead.


John Lewis wedding insurance can provide financial protection should things not go to plan on your wedding day, and they cover a wide range of scenarios including:

  • Illness of either prospective wedding partners or close relatives in the wedding party. So if you, your partner of one of your family should fall ill due (not due to a pre-existing illness) you’ll be able to use your wedding insurance cover to make rearrangements.
  • Supplier failure – in the event of a supplier going bust or even failing to turn up on the big day, wedding insurance can help to recover any of the lost deposits whether it’s the cake maker or the wedding car company. In today’s day and age, supplier failure is unfortunately a more common occurrence with businesses ‘going bust’ more often than we would like them to, so having wedding insurance in place for this can give you peace of mind.
  • Bad weather – living in Britain, we are quite accustomed the good old fashioned British weather however this does make weather on your wedding day a bit unpredictable to say the least. Depending on your type of cover, wedding insurance from John Lewis can cover you if you or over half of your wedding guests cannot reach your venue. So if a freak snow storm leaves you and your guests out in the cold, wedding insurance can be used to help rearrange.

Cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding can result in loss of non-refundable deposits, taking out John Lewis wedding insurance can help to claim back some of the costs that you ordinarily wouldn’t get back, when the ceremony will be continued.


One of the great things about this cover is that you can tailor it to suit you, meaning covers range from as little as £58 for up to £10,000 worth of protection. Unlike other types of insurance, wedding insurance from John Lewis is a one-off payment, so this small one off cost can help give you peace of mind for your big day and ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible should anything go wrong.

To take out wedding insurance with John Lewis couldn’t be easier, you just need to be over 18 years old and either the prospective partner of a marriage or civil partnership or even the parent of one of the partners – usually, whoever is paying the deposits for the wedding, reception and everything in-between.

It’s easy to see why wedding insurance is such a necessity for so many people today, after all the small cost of taking out insurance for one special day far outweighs any potential loss or things not quite going to plan. As a wise person once said “it’s better to be safe than sorry” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to weddings.

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John Lewis Wedding Insurance Review

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