PreLoved but Perfect: Selling and buying second hand wedding dresses

Post date: Jan 6, 2015 9:35:26 PM

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something …. Preloved?!

It’s a classic wedding tradition; find yourself something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. For most of us, the easy part is finding something new and something blue; after all treating ourselves to a sparkly new gift is always easy. Finding something borrowed allows us to incorporate a part of our past, be it from a family member or friend yet finding something old can leave us in a state of confusion.

buy or sell your wedding dress

Surely our wedding day should be a new start, new beginnings and new ventures?

Despite the rise of wedding related programmes and huge celeb weddings, brides-to-be are increasingly looking for ways to save on their weddings and bring their budget well under the average cost of a UK wedding which is a staggering £20,000*. It seems an awfully high figure to conceive but everything adds up from the venue, the food, and the transport and of course the outfits. This is just one of the many reasons why more and more brides-to-be are using sites such as to buy second hand wedding attire ranging from bridal gowns to bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride outfits.

Of course, the term ‘second-hand’ leaves many people wondering why on earth you would want to wear someone else’s wedding dress. Why wouldn’t you? It halves the cost and sometimes more and allows you to still find your dream dress, just in a non-conventional way.

Wedding dresses are particularly popular items to pass-on to sites such as PreLoved, after all you’ve worn ‘The’ dress for a total of less than 24 hours and felt more beautiful then you have ever felt. So ask yourself why you would box that beautiful dress back up, pack it into a cupboard in a house where you are probably already trying to save space and never ever look at it again? Selling your wedding dress can seem heartless, but surely the most loving decision you can make it to let your beautiful gown live-on and be worn and loved by another beautiful bride. For sentimental memories, you’ll have endless photographs of your dress and most of all, you’ll remember the feeling it gave you on the very day you wore it down the aisle, or the very first time you tried it on, or the look in your partner’s eyes when they first looked at you in the dress. They are the true sentimental values of your wedding dress, so don’t be afraid to let go and give someone else the chance to enjoy your beautiful bridal gown – plus, you’ll be able to get back a bit of cash after the big expensive day! Whilst extra money continues to be a strong incentive for past brides in reselling their wedding dress, it is a growing trend for brides to simply want to let someone else experience the joy their wedding dress brought them**.

It’s so easy to see why both buying and selling wedding attire on PreLoved is so popular; it’s easy, environmentally friendly, exciting and fulfilling. Brides-to-be can save a fortune on finding the perfect dress and stumble upon ‘The One’ they love, pre-loved but immaculate and a dress that they could otherwise have spent double the money on. Saving this money can make such a difference in the stress of planning and living a wedding.

So why choose to sell your wedding dress (or buy your wedding dress)? First and foremost, it’s completely free. There are no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches, allowing PreLoved to stand out amongst its competitors. Unlike typical auction sites, PreLoved offers a great alternative to the hassle and cost of auction sites. Items are also listed by location, so buyers can find local collection items and the nearest items to them – making it even easier to find your pre-loved but perfect wedding dress.

So there you have it, a popular wedding trend that actually makes sense. For brides who have already enjoyed the thrilling (yet stressful) search for the perfect dress, it’s time to give someone else the joy of experiencing your beautiful gown. For brides-to-be looking to save costs and lower that growing budget, it’s time to hit search and finally find a dress that can bring you joy on your wedding day, just like it did for someone else.

Wedding dresses can be PreLoved and Perfect in every way.

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