Bridal make-up combines 3 types of make-up everyday, evening and photo-friendly. Ideally emphasizes the beauty of the bride and hides the imperfections (blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, redness). It is accordingly clear that the bride can look great both in reality and in the picture. It is important to match the wedding dress, hairstyles and accessories to create a beautiful looking bride.

wedding make-up


Photo-friendly make-up requires a lot of care to meet all the rules, which governs the photography. Allows you to bring out the beauty of woman in good lighting during a photo shoot. The most important element is the light that determines the composition of the make-up.



Make-up is an art! It allows you to highlight the most beautiful elements of the face and hide the ones that do not look good.All this can be achieved with the right knowledge and the right cosmetics. Let me teach you how to look your best...

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How to do make-up for prom? Opt for a strong accent or emphasize a girlie natural look? Prom make-up is undoubtedly evening make-up, dedicated especially for all the girls going to this unique ball.

prom make-up

The treatment is completely safe for the eyes and eyelashes, safe even for very sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers!Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension is great way to save time and money - you do not need a make-up!Due to the multiplicity of different length lash effect of the treatment can be completely tailored to your taste. If you want everyone to admire your long, thick and curled eyelashes - pick a spectacular effect. If you only thinking of a slightly curled, thick, but classic eyelashes - natural effect is right for you.

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