Airbrush Make-up

If you compare airbrushing with traditional makeup application, there's absolutely no competition!

No other makeup applies as finely detailed and evenly. Tired of powder-based makeup that dries your skin? Or liquid-based cosmetics that may end up streaming down your face or caking? Airbrush makeup sits on top of the skin, unlike traditional makeup which you rub onto the skin and into your pores.

What is airbrush makeup ?

Despite being frequently confused, airbrush makeup is not

the same thing as a photograph being airbrushed. Airbrush makeup involves a super lightweight mist of foundation being applied to your skin by a professional, using an airbrush gun. Don’t worry – it isn’t as scary as it sounds. Your makeup artist will begin by using a small amount of thin, lightweight makeup designed specifically for use with airbrush makeup kits and this is placed into the chamber of the equipment. Once the machine is turned on, a light and fine spray of makeup, much like a mist is applied to the desired area. This ultra-fine mist applies evenly to provide you with a natural yet flawless finish – making it a popular choice for many brides and even the whole bridal party

Why / if to choose Airbrush makeup for your wedding day?

Wedding day makeup is different for everyone of course, but the general feeling is that you want to look and feel great, enhancing your natural beauty – not hiding it. This is exactly why airbrush makeup is a popular type of wedding makeup as it allows your natural skin to breathe and it simply enhances and evens out your already beautiful skin. Obviously, this raises the frequently asked question of whether or not airbrush makeup is suitable for those of us who may have acne, scarring or other skin ailments we would like to conceal. Airbrush makeup does provide coverage and even out the skin tone, even for conditions such as acne – so that’s something to think about when considering airbrush makeup.

Whilst airbrush makeup is a popular choice, a lot of brides still prefer the traditional makeup route as this allows you to opt for different levels of coverage and textures such as liquid, powder or gel based foundations. Airbrush makeup is water, silicon or alkohol based, in order to give it the flawless, natural finish on your skin – so if you are looking for a light weight, comfortable and natural feeling foundation for your big day then airbrushing could be the option for you. However, unlike heavier coverage cream or liquid foundations, airbrush makeup usually does maintain the greatest staying power. As well as being lightweight, natural and flawless; airbrush makeup can also be blended seamlessly and even carried on to the chest, neck and décolletage giving you radiant and flawless skin – when applied by a professional of course!

So which type of makeup should you choose for your big day? The choice is entirely yours but here are a few things to think about and discuss with me :

- What coverage do I need/want?

- What airbrush base makeup suit my skin type best?

iwata my airbrush kit
bridal make-up by Aleksandra Guz
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Additional information


Airbrushing when done correctly with the proper products, can cover up tattoos, acne, bruises, stretch

marks, birth marks, rosacea, vitiligo, scars and even cellulite!! It works well for hyper pigmentation

and uneven skin tones on the face, arms, legs., back. Is water proof, will not come off on clothes, rub

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